About us

We are livary. An association of creatives, photographers and designers. In the beginning, there was just the idea. The idea of combining our passion for beautiful photos, design and art. With the possibility of involving you in the creative process and at the same time enabling you to have an individual design experience with which you can transform your home into a unique, artistic place. Livary was born from that idea. The Livary Wall consists of 80 unique prints curated by our Creators.

The design and planning of each Wall come straight from our office in Cologne, Germany. It was important to us that the ideas of our Creators were implemented authentically and individually. Hand in hand with our photographers and designers, each wall is a handpicked selection of illustrations, quotes and photographs. Each print is personally and individually tailored and printed using offset printing on high-quality, matt premium paper (190 g / sqm).

Together with our team, we have created a product that cannot be found anywhere else. A lot of passion went into every print, and every print tells a personal story or shares a memory of the photographer. Each Livary Wall is a set of emotion.