Inspiration - How to use a Livary Wall?


There are no limits to creativity!

Structured or wild like your creativity? With Livary you hold flexibility and creativity in your hands. The images are quite flexible and easy to attach and detach with tape, masking tape or pads. Be ready to vary!

Clips & Co

You like when things fall out of the frame?

With clips, magnetic strip or clipboard can hang your favorite pictures easily - modern and decorative!

Frames & Co.

Picture wall or picture ledge, best both!

The special thing about it: With the Livary Wall you have countless opportunities to rearrange your picture walls, to exchange pictures at regular intervals and to stage creatively - very simple and stylish. So you bring new styles into your decoration at any time.

Washi tape

What do you do if you do not have enough picture frames?

Exactly! You just make your own beautiful picture frames. How? Quite simple. You just need a roll of colorful masking tape or washi tape.

Livary Walls